Visual Logger ver.0.9.5β released

  • Stability improvements
  • Standard (AdFree) Edition option is now available

To purchase Standard Edition, please go to “About ” screen from the menu of the top screen and click “purchase standard edition” button.

Current “Standard Edition” has only an advantage of getting rid of Ads. New functionalities specific to Standard Edition will be added from now on.


Fedora 20 on a Macbook Air

I usually use Fedora 21 and MacOSX on MBA. This feed is very interesting!

Matt on Cloud

Update 3/24/2014: Suspend working well, moving to mba-fixes RPM

Update 3/23/2014: Removing RPM version of backlight also added some attempts at avoiding wakeups

Update 2/17/2014: Added tip on reloading the wireless module

Update 2/5/2014: Added instructions for a shared partition and better backlight driver installation

With Fedora 20 out, it was time to refresh my Macbook Air (model 6,2) installation and see what I could get working.  You might have seen my earlier post using Fedora 19 but this time around, things went much smoother.  I’ve also tried to cover the initial installation with a little more detail, so hopefully that will help out someone just getting going.

Step 0 – Uninstall rEFIt

If you had previously installed Fedora on your Macbook like myself, you probably installed rEFIt as your bootloader.  Since that project is no longer maintained, you’ll want to uninstall it and move to the newer…

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